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Weekly Entertainment Monday Karaoke 10 pm Tuesday South America – Copa Sudamericana 2:30pm Trivia Night – Think & Drink 9:30 pm Wednesday South America – Copa Sudamericana 3pm MLS All Stars v Roma 9 pm World – International Champions Cup Juventus v Everton 11 pm Thursday South America – Copa Sudamericana 3pm World – International… Read more »

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Lot’s of news coming. We have the Championship League Starting again. Some new things around the corner. Please continue to check back, or follow us on Facebook, twitter and instagram and don’t miss out on all the action.

service industry

Service Industry Hour | 10 to Close Every Night | Drink Specials

Do you work in the Orlando attractions, along International Drive or nearby areas in tourist-frequented locations around town? Do any of these apply to you? Server or part of bar staff Wear a fuzzy or otherwise synthetic-fabric costume in the hot Florida sun Retail, hotel, motel staff mainly servicing guests from out of town Would… Read more »

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